Thursday, March 7, 2013


Patience is a virtue... or so they say. I guess its something I need to learn unfortunately. My mission call was supposed to come today and didn't. I may or may not have had a rough time taking everything in today. But I just need to remember that my call will come when it is supposed to and it will still be the same call and I will still leave the same time and everything will be fine. Sometimes its hard for me to go through experiences like this, only because I don't really have the eternal perspective of everything. Why could I have not gotten it when I was supposed to? I keep wondering if there is something that I am supposed to learn from this. I don't know, but one day I will understand. That knowledge is the only thing keeping me sane today. That and my amazing friends who keep reminding me to be positive and everything will be okay. They got me out of my miserable bawl fest and got my mind off of it for the night. They may never know how much I needed it. Hopefully my call will come soon!

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