Saturday, March 2, 2013

Family is Forever

I love my family more than I can even describe. I love every time I come home. I just feel so much love and happiness here. I know that I was put in this family for a reason. They have taught me so much that I needed in my life to be the person I am today. I have so many reasons to look up to every member in my family. And whoever I marry I just know will be exactly like my brothers. My family is so sarcastic, so loving, so accepting, so kind, so fun, so happy, so positive, everything that I love about life. I will miss them like crazy this next year and a half. But I will leave my family for 18 months if it means I can help others be with their families for eternity. Thank you all so much for always being that positive example in my life! I have become so close to my savior and so strong in this gospel because of my parents decision to raise my siblings and me the way that they did. I will love you all forever <3

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