Saturday, March 9, 2013

Called to...?

My call "finally" came! Actually, it was only one day late. And it was not hard for me to find a last minute ride home. I didn't even have to ask anyone, someone asked me if I needed a ride. SO crazy how everything works out! I called home 5 minutes before we would be pulling in the driveway and made my family all sit down on the couches in the living room and to call my sister on Skype so I could walk in the house and immediately sit down and open my call. I couldn't wait even one minute longer. I just was so happy!
When I opened it, I skimmed through it while reading it. I thought I saw the word Illinois, but I thought there was no way. But to my surprise, it said just that. I am assigned to labor in the Illinois Chicago Mission! I report to the Provo MTC on July 24th speaking the English language. I couldn't be more excited!
Chicago is an absolutely beautiful city! I lived in Crystal Lake Illinois for 5 years. So having that be part of my mission is incredible! My mission is the north part of Illinois. It also includes one city in Wisconsin and the north western part of Indiana.
The big question being asked is the new Chicago mission. My call said Illinois Chicago mission. One of the new missions they announced was the Chicago West mission (opening July 1st). I am not totally sure what this will mean for me, but I am so excited about my call that I will go wherever they ask me to go. 

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