Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Reading Preach My Gospel is key, so I have heard. I am really focusing on Chapter 3, the lessons. There is a lot of information in that chapter. Most of it is information that I have heard before, so I am studying how it is presented because it is perfectly written.
My problem is that I am a big planner. I like to have a schedule and I like knowing how my lesson is going to play out. I know that my mission is not going to be like this. I know that I need to teach through the Spirit and be willing to change with what the investigator needs. With questions and interruptions I know I will lose my train of thought many a time. So... what I have concluded is to know the information so well that with distractions and interruptions I can still present the information needed without getting stressed or not knowing what to do. So this week I have read and reread and rereread the first lesson. I have studied all the scriptures and thought about all the information. I decided to get even more comfortable I would practice teaching to my family. I told them to just pretend that they knew a little about the church and not to ask questions but just to let me present the information to them and critique me how much they understood and how it flowed. It didn't flow exactly how I wanted it to, but I felt good about it. With a companion and with questions and help from investigators, I am hoping it will be great. I know that each investigator will be different with different knowledge and ideas and questions etc. but I know the information is coming together, and that is something that I can do right now.
I am so grateful for this gospel and for all that I have learned through this experience of preparing for my mission. I love the Lord and how close I am becoming to Him. 50 days!!