Friday, November 15, 2013

Alma 51-52

The war chapters in Alma are just a bit harder for me to read. I think because I have never been a huge fan on history or wars. I am not really an action girl. Anyway, there is lots to learn nonetheless.
Alma 51:
This chapter made me laugh. Mostly because I think the king-men are a bit crazy! I mean, yeah they didn't get what they wanted, but in verse 13, "And it came to pass that when the men who were called king-men had heard that the Lamanites were coming down to battle against them, they were glad in their hearts; and they refused to take up arms, for they were so wroth with the chief judge, and also with the people of liberty, that they would not take up arms to defend their country." Really? Really? I mean, I get that they are mad about the outcome of the vote to keep Pahoran in office, but they were glad when they heard that the Lamanites were coming to battle against their people. We will always be given reasons to be offended and not happy about things. That is part of life, and there is nothing we can do about that. On the other hand, we will never have a reason to dwell on those things and let them bring us down or change us. That is something we can control. Funny people.
Naturally, Moroni, being the stud that he is, whips the king-men back into shape in verses 14-17;
"And it came to pass that when Moroni saw this, and also saw that the Lamanites were coming into the borders of the land, he was exceedingly wroth because of the stubbornness of those people whom he had labored with so much diligence to preserve; yea, he was exceedingly wroth; his soul was filled with anger against them."
"For it was his first care to put an end to such contentions and dissensions among the people;"
"And it came to pass that Moroni commanded that his army should go against those king-men, to pull down their pride and their nobility and level them with the earth, or they should take up arms and support the cause of liberty."
And boy did he accomplish his goal. The people really should have thought twice before angering Moroni.
Alma 52:
Really, I just think that Moroni was too clever for his calling. I also think that the Lamanites should have been a bit smarter. But that is okay. In all honesty, you can guess for the most part who will win and who will lose. It is a given. But the Book of Mormon is still exciting to read.
I am grateful for the leaders and followers of Christ that I have to look up to from the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for the experiences they went through so that I have a standard to follow. I am grateful for the example they set and for the lives they lived. I am blessed to know for myself that, today, we have a prophet who leads and guides Christ's church. I am grateful for my knowledge of God's plan for me and how I will be able to accomplish that plan. This IS the true church. It is so simple and it just makes sense. I love my Savior. I love my God.
Until next time (Alma 53-54).
Sister Spackman 

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