Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission Prep

I was a little bit worried about Mission Prep. I didn't totally know what to expect. I was surprised when I walked in that first day to find that 85% of my class were girls. But I actually love my class! We have spent this whole first half of the semester learning about the preparations of becoming a missionary. Today was the first day of the rest of the semester where we will be learning how to teach the simple gospel truths. Our lesson today was the Plan of Salvation. Sometimes I think the Plan of Salvation is so simple. But looking at it today from a non-members perspective, I can see how it is a lot more complicated than I have always thought it was.
Most non-members only know about earth life, death, and Heaven and Hell, or Paradise and Prison. They are missing out on two vital parts of the plan (Pre-mortal existence and the three kingdoms). Without this knowledge, one can't fully understand why we are here on earth, and why we need to do all we can on earth to follow Christ because there is so much in store for us after this life.
We watched a really cool movie that I am sure many have seen before. The movie related the plan to a play with three Acts. We come to this earth during Act 2. Not only do we not understand, but we are in the play, so everything around us can confuse us. But luckily enough, we have a script (aka the scriptures) to remind us what happened in Act 1, to guide us through Act 2, and help us better prepare for Act 3. Without this script, we will be lost in Act 2, and not be ready when Act 3 comes.
I realized how important this concept of understanding God's plan really is. It really is simple, and it makes so much sense.
My institute teacher reminded us while we are teaching to keep everything simple for those learning. When we are baptized at the age of 8, we don't have an incredible knowledge of the gospel. In fact, we don't know a lot. All we really know is what our parents have taught and what we have learned in Primary. We are only beginning to understand. So we shouldn't expect to teach all that we know. Keeping it simple for those we teach, hoping that they will listen and eventually get baptized and continue learning for themselves is really what we should aim for.
I am so grateful for my institute class and for all that I am learning. I can't wait to be a missionary!

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