Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Your Wonderful Journey Home

Every life is a collection of individual “journey stories.”
We do not know many details about life in that premortal sphere, but we do know some. Our Heavenly Father has revealed to us who He is, who we are, and who we can become.
In the end, you knew God would be just—that His goodness would triumph. You had participated in the great heavenly councils and knew that your Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, would provide a way for you to be cleansed from sin and rescued from physical death. You had faith that, in the end, you would rejoice and join your voice with a heavenly chorus singing praises to His holy name.
And so, you took a deep breath …
And a great step forward …
And here you are!
You have, each one of you, embarked on your own wonderful journey back to your heavenly home!
He didn’t send you on this journey only to wander aimlessly on your own. He wants you to come home to Him. He has given you a map that describes the terrain and identifies the dangers; the map shows you where peace and happiness can be found and will help you plot your course back home.
Now, where do you find this map?

In the sacred scriptures
In the words of prophets and apostles
Through personal revelation from the Holy Ghost

This map is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news, and the joyful way of a disciple of Christ. It is the commandments and example given to us by our Advocate and Mentor, who knows the way because He is the way.
Of course, simply having a map doesn’t do any good unless you study it—unless you use it to navigate through life. I invite you to make it a high priority to study and apply God’s word. Open your heart to the Holy Ghost so that He can direct you along your journey through life.

My invitation echoes that of President Uchtdorf's. Study and apply God's word. Test your faith. Make room for Christ in your heart. He will enter in, I promise!

 Click Here to read his whole message.

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