Sunday, April 14, 2013


I went to the Brigham City Temple yesterday to receive my Endowment. It was absolutely perfect. Everything about it. I had been to the Temple Prep classes, we talked about the Endowment for 3 of our institute classes, and I read the Temple Prep book and a couple articles. I had talked to my bishop and stake president and another presidency member, talked to my mom and dad about it a lot, and the night before had a discussion with my sister. So I was pretty prepared. And I knew I needed to go in not expecting to remember and understand everything, but to enjoy the spirit and the message given. And I enjoyed every minute that I was in the temple. This gospel is so true. There is no doubt about it. I love everything about the temple and the covenants and blessings that are made and given. It truly is God's house, and he resides there. I felt his presence in my midst. I am so blessed to have the knowledge of this gospel and to have the faith to follow and be a disciple of my Savior. I can't wait to serve. 100 DAYS!!!

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