Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mountains to Climb

This is a letter I sent to my mom a little while back. She resent it to me and I thought it was fun to read.

This is hard! But, I am way too strong to come home. Sometimes I think that I want to, but then I think about what I have learned already and I couldn't do it.
I think of it like Hiking. It is hard and brutal on the way up. I want to cry a lot and I am breathing hard and I am tired and winded and I want to stop and take a break. I start to wonder why I am even hiking in the first place. Then I turn around and see kind of where I am on the mountain and I get to see a mini view of where I came from and it is pretty. I know the view from the top is even better, so I keep on keeping on. One day I will be at the top. I will get to look down and see the path that I climbed. I will get to relax and sit there and look out over all the land and see where I got to from the bottom. I get to see a beautiful scene that God has created just for me. Then, I get to run down the mountain and look back at the top and just smile at the path that I was lucky enough to take. Then, I turn around, and there is another mountain that I get to climb. It won't be easier than this one, but there are going to be a lot of similar stumps and rocks that I will have to go around. And at the top of that mountain, I will get to look over and see the other mountain top and remember all the fun times. 
Right now, I am still pretty far down the mountain. Looking up, I just see a steep and tall climb that I have to take. Looking back I can see where I came from, and it is pretty and I am impressed that I have made it this far. Looking forward, I get a little discouraged knowing that I am barely a fourth of the way up the mountain. But my mountain needs to be climbed. I have to keep trekking. And think how beautiful the view will be from the top.

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